Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Papier Goodies & Critters around the House~

Hello~ Hope everyone is doing great! Thanks again for emails, I know we are all super busy, so I appreciate yall taking the time to drop me a quick note :)
Also, I have ***New Collage Sheets on my website*** :)


Little pretties in one of my cabinets~

Wish Upon A Star~ Altered Book~ CLick to go see it at ETSY

One of the pages in the AlTered Book~

Altered Envelope on my ETSY~ Click to go there
Pretty dove at our pond out back~

A little gathering in one of my cabinets~

Funny squirrel out back making herslef home in the bird cage :)

Baby female cardinal out back :)

Tags on my ETSY~

Cute little frog that hang out in our pond and shoes out back :)