Thursday, December 6, 2012

We finally moved...still unpacking~~~ Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!

*****We are moving!   So, I have been packing and scarcely on the computer :-(   I soooo miss my other little house, but I will get over it.     

Not sure how often I can get on the computer, might be a few months before I resurface. 
   If you need my temp. address or my new one ....or  shoot me an email.  

Monday, March 19, 2012

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Hope everyone is GOOD, my little guy is keeping me super busy, I finally got a little break, yea :)


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Hawk & Squirrel out back across the creek.
Boy, I wish I had a better camera.......would of loved if this was super clear. We watch the hawks fly around in the creek {and can see them better in the winter when there are no leaves on many of the trees}.
I thought the squirrel was getting a little close to the hawk. There was another hawk about 10 ft. above, but flew off.
Was worried for the squirrel, but the hawk sat there looking at him for about a good 10 minutes, then flew off a well.