Monday, March 19, 2012

NEW Collage sheets, ETSY items and some FREEBIES 4 U.....Easter Blog Buttons on my sidebar~~~~

FREE Happy Birthday Collage Sheet  and Pantry Labels for you to use as gift tags, on cards or labels....etc.
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Hope everyone is GOOD, my little guy is keeping me super busy, I finally got a little break, yea :)


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Plus a FREEBIE for you, the faded Blue background with eggs, just right click and save                             

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Hawk & Squirrel out back across the creek.
Boy, I wish I had a better camera.......would of loved if this was super clear. We watch the hawks fly around in the creek {and can see them better in the winter when there are no leaves on many of the trees}.
I thought the squirrel was getting a little close to the hawk. There was another hawk about 10 ft. above, but flew off.
Was worried for the squirrel, but the hawk sat there looking at him for about a good 10 minutes, then flew off a well.


Patty said...

Tiffany~ Have MISSED YOU!!! Beautiful collage sheets...will have to meander on over to your shop and check them out.

delia hornbook said...

Thank you fo stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. Your little lad is adorable i bet he keeps you lovely and busy. Funny thing is my son that has the crohn's is called Jake. I hope your husband is well. I don't know anybody that has lived with it for years and i know it affects everybody different. Its the tiredness that gets Jake and what upsets me is just how skinny he is again he just can't seem to eat very much and im sure that must have an affect on his energy levels. Oh sorry i didn't mean to go on i will stop there. Have a lovely week, and thank you. dee x

Cheryl said...

Hi Tiffany!! LUCKY me that you had a little break from your darling new son!! Glad to see you back!! ALways check for new posts from you!!! Look forward to visiting with you again!!

Bohemian said...

Those Beautiful Children in the Graphics are so Sweet! I Love Altered Art in all of it's forms and your Banner is Lovely! Thanks for stopping by, yes, you would definitely Love that Shop! *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tiffany.

I found your blog Yay!. Nice to meet you and your beautiful children. These music so beautiful, can you tell me what the music are those and where i can find it. Its so comforting. Thanks. Yenlan

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Just stopped by to say Hi! THinking of you miss visiting your site. Always makes me smile when I visit. :) Hope the family is well and your darling sweet Jake is doing fabulous. Hugs!! xoxo,Jenn

Paula said...

Hello sweet Tiff! So good to see you posting sweetie! I have no idea how I missed this! Your collage sheets are gorgeous as always and I will get some of them soon! You are such a talented artist and oh so sweet! Thank you for the freebies! You are so generous! I love the photo of the Hawk with the Squirrel! That is an amazing shot! He reminds me of Squirrel Nutkin teasing Mr. Owl! Love you bunches sweet friend! xoxo~ Paula

Rainbow Gatherer said...

Hello :)

beautiful designs! And lovely blog, I'm following you from now on. I'll be happy if you stop by my blog and follow:)

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Sweet Tiffany!
Wonderful new collage sheets. Your so talented. It is nice to have a break to be creative,we all need that.
God Bless you all!