Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Around the House

More barn swallows nest and feeding babies on the back patio

                                          Our little black Phoebe that visits the back patio

Saturday, October 28, 2017

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Birthday Photo Shoot for my Beauty....She turned a Big 7 yrs. old

My Halloween Heroes:
And Poof!.....Halloween is Over
Now on to Thanksgiving and Christmas....why does it go by so fast.

 Fall decor....this is one of my favorite pics in our first home...

How cute are my little visitors waiting on breakfast each morning~~~
There are usually anywhere from 20~80 on the fence and roof line waiting....

Gulf Shores AL

My Sweet Girl

                                                                  Kids enjoying the ocean

My Sweets:

Love my hostas and groundcover:

Ever changing Table Centerpiece....

After losing my Beautiful Mother on May 12, 2015, my world stopped.    
There are no words to explain the heartbreak of losing my best friend and my beautiful mother. 
My wanting to create stopped and creating is a huge part of my soul.
She was the perfect mother, wife and Nana.   She was always creating, cleaning, giving, funny, positive, sharing and we never had bad words, ever.
{I have a huge problem with rude, negative, unkind, not giving, cynical, all around miserable people to be around}....but God takes my mother instead, the things we will never understand.

Trying to stay busy cleaning, organizing, waiting on Spring to start back digging in the yard...of course the kids keep me super busy as well.    She is on my mind, every minute of the day and night.

My Moma took a huge part of my heart when she left us....
..................It has been a year now, May 12, 2016 {now 2 years this May 12, 2017}
 and my heart is still broken.  Time does not heal, for me yet anyway....I am a big believer in "time heals",  "you will get past this" are for folks that were not very close to the person they lost.   
 You are forced to walk through the every days of life, working, tending to kids, school work, laundry, cooking, yard work, cleaning and these things tiring~ly give you a few minutes of distraction.

We got a new little kitty, we named her Sparrow :)

Trying to get my kids rooms settled and cleaned up.   Figured I would take a few pics while they were "mostly clean".   

My girls room:

My boys Room: