Friday, January 4, 2008

Creations under Glass friends gather at A StoryBook Life

Here is my glass dome display I did for visual fun over at A StoryBook Life:

Please stop and visit my friend Pearl at A StoryBook Life for wonderful creativity & inspiration by clicking the title above!!!!
Be sure to check out the wonderul gatherings of my dear friend Madai as well :)
Thanks so much Pearl! :)

Below are some of the pics over at A StoryBook Life, these are just Beautiful!


Vintage Rose Collection said...

Hi Tiffany!
Thanks for stopping by loved your comments!
Your photos are amazing, I especially enjoyed the water fall, gorgous!

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Tiffany!

I just love your blog! Thanks for the sweet comments you left me. You sound so creative and fun. Love all the pictures on you blog and I enjoyed the beautiful music as well. I'll definitely stop by and visit again soon. Hope you will too.
It'S great to meet you!@
Janet Bernasconi
Janet's Creative Pillows

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff! We have just had a look at Pearls blog and WOW!! We are lost for words! How absolutely beautiful your art is, beyond magical actually :) You and a few of the other gorgoeous ladies who we have the pleasure of knowing, you are inspirational in your work, truly :) We hope you have a beautiful weekend and thank you for your lovely comments on our blog, they are both there, one of them is hiding on the previous post!! LOL Jenn and Jacqui :)

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

gorgeous display Tiff!! It looks sooo pretty!! I will have to go check out Pearl's blog :-)
xo Britt

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Such gorgeous eye candy TIff! I visited your friend Pearl's blog and more excruciating beauty did I behold! I think I'm on a sugar overload from all the eye candy.


Flea Market Queen said...

I love your creation under glass!
So very beautiful...

Altered Kat said...

Very Narnia-ish Tiff!
Happy Easter!