Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thank You Pearl!!.......

"Tiffany has such a way of making everything look beautiful, and turning everyday ordinary things into objects of value. She doesn’t stop at just the objects that she creates, but the way she pulls together her space, is inspiration for us all.

You’re going to love Tiffany’s website - Beyond the Vintage Path! Also - stop by her blog & share some comments!

What’s not to love about her use of this vintage standing printer’s box, that is now used as her place to organized all of her needfuls!

This ordinary cork board now becomes extraordinary in the hands of Tiffany. I think I could walk by this same space, and see something new each time ;)
{visit A Storybook Life for more pics}
Another printer box gone chic! I LOVE this picture… and it has been a fav of mine since I first saw it!"

Check out more of my pics and other great friends here:
Thanks Pearl!!!!!


Wren Cottage said...

I agree with Pearl, you are one of a kind!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU MAKE!!! Thank you for being you and letting your inner light shine through in everything you do :)
Hugs!! ~ Madai

Wren Cottage said...

ohhh, and LOVE all the new photos there on the side!!! gorgeous! xo

femminismo said...

Just came across your blog while looking for more on "inchies" which our group will work on in our Creative Circle. I had never done them before.
I "took" some images - gratuities. You have a lovely blog. I'll be coming back soon to check it out again. - femminismo

The Vintage Butterfly said...

I have a very cool, beat up, weathered old bit of wood that used to be in a local PoSt Office that I'm trying to decide how to use...I'd like to do something similar, I could hang it above my desk.

One difference however is the little cubbies sort've curve upward at the bottom of each opening, so that I wouldn't be able to see small things placed inside and that would sort've defeat my purpose of being able to see pretty little things I love at my desk area.

I'll have to take pics this weekend and post 'em on my blog and get some ideas!

Kelly/The Vintage Butterfly Boutique

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

Tiffany You have such wonderful ideas...I saw you on flickr being busy today! and I found that storybook site today too LOved your photos! Such a joy to see.....I had a question for you ....Your shed is that where these lovelies are at or is that just extra you have a room or corner in the house where you create or in that little cottage out back???

Thanks I'm trying to find my little space to create in my home filled with little angels and faires with big dog and new puppy and 4 cutie chickens...
Have a wonderful one! thanks again for your uniqueness and sharing!