Sunday, November 14, 2010

In the process of Uploading New items on my Etsy and Website, Freebies too!

*****Thanks for the few that have written, yes, I have been MIA.....we are going through some changes that have been taking most of my time. Trying to catch up on mail and blog visits too :)
Also, having trouble with one of my emails, not getting some post alerts from visitors and a few other send/receiving emails.

Been watching little wrens and chickadee's fluttering around in my shed out back {there is a little spot above my doors where they can get in and out}.....there is something so delicate & musical about the little chirping of tiny wrens and black cap chickadee's that is so darn Sweet, I just love it!!!
Uploading new Christmas Banners on my Website and Etsy {still in the process}....

can't afford a Blog Banner?....Here is a Free one for you to use:
1918 Christmas {Feel free to click on the banner to enlarge, right click and save it to your computer, then upload to your Blog if you wish:

Thanksgiving Blog Banners at my Etsy: This one *SOLD*...thanks Jayne :)

Here is another Blog Banner with more muted colors: *SOLD*...thanks Gerre :)

A couple of collage sheet at my Etsy and is one sample:

And going through stuff clearing out.....the start of my goodes at my ebay:
*SOLD* :)

Here is a Free image for you to use in your paper art or for tags for family and friends~~~