Sunday, November 14, 2010

In the process of Uploading New items on my Etsy and Website, Freebies too!

*****Thanks for the few that have written, yes, I have been MIA.....we are going through some changes that have been taking most of my time. Trying to catch up on mail and blog visits too :)
Also, having trouble with one of my emails, not getting some post alerts from visitors and a few other send/receiving emails.

Been watching little wrens and chickadee's fluttering around in my shed out back {there is a little spot above my doors where they can get in and out}.....there is something so delicate & musical about the little chirping of tiny wrens and black cap chickadee's that is so darn Sweet, I just love it!!!
Uploading new Christmas Banners on my Website and Etsy {still in the process}....

can't afford a Blog Banner?....Here is a Free one for you to use:
1918 Christmas {Feel free to click on the banner to enlarge, right click and save it to your computer, then upload to your Blog if you wish:

Thanksgiving Blog Banners at my Etsy: This one *SOLD*...thanks Jayne :)

Here is another Blog Banner with more muted colors: *SOLD*...thanks Gerre :)

A couple of collage sheet at my Etsy and is one sample:

And going through stuff clearing out.....the start of my goodes at my ebay:
*SOLD* :)

Here is a Free image for you to use in your paper art or for tags for family and friends~~~


Paula said...

Hello sweetie pie Tiff! How wonderful to find a new post from you! I always enjoy visiting your lovely blog, seeing your beautiful photos and listening to your wonderful music! All so magical!!! I love your new blog header…. it is gorgeous!!! I also love your beautiful Thanksgiving blog banners!!! You are such a talented artist sweet friend! The collage sheets are so pretty and I love the free image you shared! Thank you so much beautiful girl! I hope you are having a good week! I will write you soon!!! Love you to pieces!!!
xoxo Your friend, Paula

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

Hi sweetie!!Lovely creations! Thanks for the freebie! I will have to use it. I hope you had a fabulous Halloween!! Have a wonderful day!! Huge hugs!!! Britt :-)

Sherry Goodloe said...

Wanted to stop by and say hello. It seems like a lifetime since we've touched base! I hope all is well with you. I am continuing my fight with breast cancer and so far am winning *smiles*.

Luv ya girl! and hope that you will get freed up to do another custom winter banner for me this year.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet Tiffany,
So wonderful to see a new post from you! Thank you for the lovely free images ... as always, visiting your special place soothes my soul and is a visual feast for my eyes and mind! You are such a talented lady ... bringing each little work of art to life with a bit of magic!

Wishing you and yours a blessed November ... may the beauty of fall continue to delight you!

Charlene said...

Sweet Tiffany how I miss seeing you & the beauty of your world. I think of you often & hope to run into you at Hobby Lobby or some place else here in town. I need a Christmas Banner. If your interested let me know! Hope you are doing well. HUGS!

Paula said...

Dear Sweet Tiff,

How wonderful you have been watching sweet little wrens and chickadees's fluttering around your shed! I just love them and enjoy seeing them at our feeders! I know they love being able to get in and out of your lovely shed! Oh yes, I agree with you, "There is something about the little chirping of tiny wrens and chickadee's that is so darn sweet!" I love it too!

I also love all of your new gorgeous banners and collage sheets! Your creations are always so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing the free blog banner! it is gorgeous!!! You are so sweet and generous! Thank you for the pretty Thanksgiving image too. I must go visit your website as I always look at your Etsy!

I hope you are doing well sweet friend! Love you! Paula xoxoxo

Gerre Lynne said...

Dear Tiffany~

I am receiving so many compliments on my sublime banner - thank you for creating it and for filling it with the beauty that flows from your heart to your fingertips! Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving filled with love and happiness.
gerre lynne

Linda said...

Just hopped over from My Heart's Ease...I love your creations...I am a new follower!

Valerie said...

Your blog is such a delight to visit. I purchased one of your banners about a year ago and it remains one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing several buttons. Now if I can just add them to my blog with no problem, all will be lovely. Take care.