Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!! New Stuff, Freebies and My Mom's New Pages

**********Thanks for the few that have written, yes, I have been MIA.....we are going through some changes that have been taking most of my time.

Also, having trouble with one of my emails, not getting some post alerts from visitors and a few other send/receiving emails. Promise to get back to you when it gets worked out! :)

Here is a Free image for you to use in your paper art or for friends {this makes a cute card to print off} :)

This Darling "Farmhouse Luxury Apron"....handmade by my Beautiful Mother, Nancy.
I am listing a few things for her as she is out of pocket for a while.
I will be out of pocket here and there myself, but I will stop in for a visit as I can, thanks for visiting me :).......available at my Etsy~

And the Adorable Little girl's Rabbit Coat and Bonnet at her Etsy:

Another July Blog Banner:

Sold: Thank you Jayne :)

New Goodes from me and my mom too {all sold, thank you!}~~~
Beautiful Handmade Brooch from my Beautiful Mother {sold to Jayne at Bunny Chic Boutique...thank you!}......made from a vintage collar and laces at my Ebay.

Also at my Ebay:

My etsy:

My etsy as well:

New Items at my Etsy and Ebay-----
I have been so Busy with work stuff and several other things, hoping to stop in for a visit with everyone asap! Hope everyone is enjoying the's really nice here, but I sure feel the heat of the summer coming {ugh!}
***Added a new Freebie at the bottom of this post***

Also, not normally one to share my private mail, but laughing with a few friends about being on "Brain Overload" or being ~really backed up on mail~ and this is one of my reasons {having 14,437 emails}, it being a part time job going through mail! So at times I am a little slow at my email, which is very aggravating!

New goodes at my ETSY and EBAY
~~~~~~~~~~~All Sold, Thank YOU!! :) Except for the New Sewing Susan Papier Set and My mom's latest jacket just listed and listing another necklace or two of my mom's in a few days~

Another adorable jacket my mom made :)

A few things in the shed....

Love these shoes and the label inside~


Marlo loves a good joke~

Bee out back....they are cute, they all have yellow pollen all over their face...

Not sure what this plant is with the curly~Q' just popped up in my ivy out back about 2 or 3 years ago. It's tall and I think it looked like a sunflower, but can't remember {I don't think sunflowers have thorns}...........does he curly vine look familiar to anyone?

What are YOU lookin' at!?

A crane {or technically a heron....has that dark orange color eye....anyone know specifically?}.....visits often, usually never have my camera when I see it.
It visits the water in the creek and has a ton of little fish in there I'm sure they are snacking on....

Another little bee....will have to look this one up, not sure what species it is...

Jewelry to wear or for Altered Arts at my Ebay

Already into the month of April {Now it's May!!!}...seems it was the start of March 2 weeks ago!

Been Super busy here, one of the many "to~do's" I have been working on is my Sweet Mother's pages for her creations and photos. I have Amazing parent's and we are so Blessed to be such a close knit family. My Mother is a One of a Kind many girls {that are 38 yrs. old} can say they have never had words with their Mother! She has always been very talented in anything she does.....painting, decorating, sewing {clothes, pillows, teddy bears, rabbits, etc}, making Anything: Altered Art, decoupage....starting years ago when I was a little girl, before I knew what any of this was :)
I just helped her set up her Blog/Etsy/Flickr pages, if you get a chance, check out her pages here:


I have been looking for a Dress Form for a long time, only seen 2 or 3 and none of them did anything for me visually. My mom saw this scrolled metal one out one day and I went to buy it, brought it home and thought a few minutes what I could do to "make her whole" as it was just an open~scroll, plain outer shell....started stuffing her with tissue and sprayed it with tea stain and glitter when I got done. I'm not much on stark white tissue {or anything stark white for that matter}, wanted it to look aged. Then I started pulling the tissue to make her a "skirt", put on one of my vintage blouses, a necklace my mom made, a cheap metal piece I bought a long time ago for a "Crown" and added wings for finishing touch.

A little vintage compact and Button Tag set I Altered at my Etsy.

Send me your favorite photos of your children or grandchildren for some added sweetness for scrapbooks or treasured keepsakes.....Will post more pics when I get a few mintues......

The other day inside the house, I could hear the squirrel out back "chattering"...usually they are talking to something, usually one of the cats out it's a distinctive noise they make. But, I also heard my cat meowing and chattering {they usually chatter to birds, but they will do the same to squirrels}, I went to the back bathroom where Marlo {my cat} was in the window and she was chattering at the squirrel too, then the squirrel would chatter back. This went on for several minutes, then the squirrel had enough and took off over the roof.

Over the years all of my sweet kitties have found their favorite hiding spots. Marlo has had a good one for about 2 weeks, she is normally in the bay window, out on the pool table, or at my feet. I have looked everywhere, in all the good spots, never could find her at certain times. Kept going back to look under the bed in my art room and noticed the material under my box spring....sagging....when it was not and should not be sagging. The dust ruffle was hiding her I guess, when I pulled up on it, I saw this:

Obviously, she did a little scratching with her claws making a hole big enough for her little tush to squeeze through.

Made 2 FREEBIES for you to use in your Paper Artwork for fun or to incorporate into your Paper Art to sell {obviously, not in collage sheets or cd's} on them, when they open to their full size, right click and save to your computer.


Loretta said...

Tiffany Jane; thanks so much for the lovely artwork. I copied the birds and the blog artwork. It's so very pretty!

LuLu Kellogg said...

LOL Tiff....I could NOT believe it when I saw the picture of Marlo's little face peering out of where she shouldn't be! OMG that is the most hilarios thing I have ever seen! I almost had coffee running out mah nose! *giggle*

I am off to check out your Mom's links!

Happy Monday Sweet Girl,

Wren Cottage said...

hahahahaha!!!! Still laughing, that is sooo hilarious and so gosh darn cute!! I needed that sweet pea :)
How sweet it was to read about your relationship with your mum, what a blessing girlie, you are blessed!!!! And we are too because now we get to play with her too :) thank you for sharing her ;)
I love the little compact and the button card you altered, what a magical touch you have, you can make anything look awesome!! And talking about awesome, how cool is your dressform?!?! She definitely would turn my head ;) LOVE what you did!
And thank you for the freebies! I love everything you do!
Now I have to go and see Marlo again, teehee :) cuteness!
Lots of love to you sweet pea!!
HAve a beautiful week!!
XOX Madai

Bearly Sane said...

Great post Tiffany Jane ... yes it will soon be halloween then Christmas all over again!

Love the dress form and that compact!

Cheeky little Marlo ... and what a wonderful photo ... funny how kitties seem to make a home anywhere they can sleep in peace and quiet!

Warmest hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

Queen Of Toys said...

I've had a terrible day and to read this post about your cheeky little cat is really beautiful and bought a smile to my face. Thank you......

Loooovvvvve the manikin all dressed up in the finest with Crown and all, what a fun thing to do.....

Definitely love the images thank you so much for being generous.

Myrna said...

Oh! My heart always skips a beat when I've seen you've posted something new!And you never disappoint.. All the lovelies are a feast for the eyes!
And your sweet kitty! What a hoot!!

I just checked out your mom's blog and I must say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? ;-) So THAT'S where you get all your talent!! What a blessing to have such a sweet and talented mom living nearby. And what a sweet and talented daughter you are to set her up to blog! (Does she do FB, too?) ;-)
I'm going back over to introduce myself and welcome her to blogland!
BTW, I finally posted about my Birthday Giveaway.
And oh, yes, I'm ashamed to admit I found I hadn't signed up to 'follow' you I just did..making your followers an even 130-my goal weight. Yeah, right.
Love ya!

Paula said...

Dear Tiffany,

How wonderful you have such a good relationship with your dear momma. I know she is just as blessed to have you! I love all the things she did while you were growing up. I know she must have been a great encouragement to you in all your endeavors. Thank you for sharing the links to her new sites. I love the banner you made! Your banners are so GoRgEoUs! The dress form is fabulous!!! You did a wonderful job aging her! I love everything you did, especially the blouse and wings! The compact and button tag you altered are beautiful! You are so talented! I loved reading about Mario and the squirrel! The squirrels bark at Pearl and Mr. Poppy. They will both sit at the base of the tree and watch them while they fuss, hoping they will leave. Oh, just look at Mario's hiding spot! Oh dear! But, she is so SWEET! Love the photo!

Thank you for the freebies. I need to get a color printer!!!! Love and blessings, Paula

The Blackwood Cottage said...

Your blog calls to me, when checking for updates I always end up here a couple of times! I have linked to you from my blog so that will help me!

Herbgirl said...

Thanks so much for visiting me so I could find your enchanting blog. I am going to follow you so I can keep up with all your cuteness! I, too, have never had 'words' with my sweet mother and can't imagine ever doing so. Marlo is a doll!
Herbal Blessings, Mandy

Paula said...

Hi sweet Tiffany,

Please tell Marlo I am sorry I spelt her name wrong! :) Love, Paula… your freebies are beautiful!!!

The Gypsy Guide said...


Thanks for stopping by and becoming a "gypsy"~
Look forward to lots of fun articles soon, as Joyce & I explore the wilds of Florida!!


The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh my gosh your blog is beautiful! I love all of your artwork and your kitties are fabulous! Our cat speaks squirrel too and is often found chattering through the window at them:). I look forward to visiting your blog again soon!



Debby said...

WOW!!! I just found your blog today, it is so amazing! I also visited your Mother's blog, it is so pretty. Thanks for sharing your art with us.

Kymberly said...

Dearest Tiffany Jane,
I just wanted to show you how much I appreciated all of the inspiration that you gave me this past year as I tentively began my adventure in altered art! You are a beautiful spirit-filled person and a beautiful artist ! May God bless you richly for your thoughtful deeds and the kindness that you so willingly pass on to others!

Here is the link for your surprise:

Have a great week!
With much gratitude and a Big Hug,

Anonymous said...

Hello Tiffany Jane,
So very nice to meet you! I found via Kymbery's blog.

Your artwork is beautiful! I want to thank you for the freebies ~ I am always on the look-out for frames and borders to house my poems and verses, these would so very lovely.

I invite you to stop by my blog for a visit, I would love to have you! ~ Have a wonderful day.

Charlene said...

Hey sweetie so glad to see you posted. Thanks for the 2 freebies. So sweet of you to share. I need a spring banner girl do you have magic up your sleeves? Off to visit your Momma's new blog. I went to Jennifer Hayslips Petticoats & Parasols Event. It was amazing!!!!Miss you! Charlene

SherryRoseBella said...

Oh Tiffany Jane! Your blog is the best & I love your music! I adore your creations!

Paula said...

Hi sweet Tiff! So glad to see a post from you!!! The weather is getting quite hot and humid here too! Oh, bless your heart!!!! That is too much mail!!!! That will definitely cause "Brain Overload!" LOL! I love all of your new beautiful goodies~ so magical and sweet! You are such a talented and creative artist, and did I mention sweet? Yep! You are so sweet too! I love the vignette in your shed! Wonderful old things arranged beautifully!!! I love the shoes and the labels too. Lovely! Marlo is so beautiful! I loved seeing her laugh! Oh, the bees are so pretty, wonderful capture, Tiff! I love bees and are so glad to have them buzzing all through my garden. I am not sure what that plant is either. It does look like a sunflower, but I have never seen one with thorns like that. Mr. Squirrel is so cute and that looks just like what he would say! The heron is beautiful! We have them here on the lake too. Another wonderful shot, glad you had your camera handy this time. The is an interesting little bee. I am amazed at all of God's creation! Thank you for sharing the extra freebie. I love it! It is gorgeous!!! You do such beautiful work! I hope you have a lovely day sweet friend! Don't let that mail get to you!

Much love to you from your friend always!!!! xoxoxo Paula

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Marlo! What a sweetie! I am very fond of the furry-footed ones, as I have six of them myself!~ Love of the images you have captured of natures goodness!

~Those shoes are truly lovely ... they takes one's mind on a journey to far away places ...

icandy... said...

Wonderful photos!
Marlo is totally cracking me up~ that picture of him... and that face is just adorable! :)

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

Thanks for the Gorgeous Blog Buttons ~ LOVE them!!! They're going to look Fabulous on my Blog!!

Your Cat is so adorable!! Isn't it funny the places they pick to hide??

AND ~ your Blog Banner is "priceless"!!!

Thanks for everything!!!!


Dolly said...

Dearest Tiffany,
thank you for your condolences for my cousin Johnnys murder!
Its been a week and we are still trying to grasp it!
It is so over whelming!

I love your new inspire me!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Paula said...

Hello sweet Tiff,
I love all of the gorgeous goodes from you and your dear mom! You both are so very creative!!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos and links! I hope you are doing well! Have a wonderful week sweet friend! xoxoxo

Love to you, Paula

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

Darling post!! Such cute creations!! You and your Mom are soo talented!! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!! huge hugs!! Britt :-)

Paula said...

Hello sweet Tiff,
Your new kitty, Sydney (love her name!) is so sweet and beautiful!!! I love her coloring and pretty face. I am so happy you have her and she has you! I am sure that Marlo is very happy to have a sister!
Your blog and etsy banners are all so beautiful! I love all of yours and your mom's beautiful creations! Love to you! Paula xoxox

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Your Sydney is gorgeous! Looks like you have been so busy creating your usual beauty! It all looks so lucky to have a mom you can share yoru journey with!

Anonymous said...

Really happy to discover your awesome blog ! thanks to Paula ! I will add a link from my artblog, thank you for good energy here, beautiful photos and poetic creations, I love it much !

Frk.Nattuggla said...

Oh my gosh such a beautiful,breathtaking blog you´ve got.So many treasures,it´s like a whole adventure to stopped by here.I will put a link on my Borzoi Mom-blog and come back again and enjoy.Thank you.Hugs Kicki in Sweden.

That Girl Ang said...

Such beautiful things Tiffany.... So elegant.


victoriantailor said...

Thank you for the beautiful buttons and art, your site is beautiful, love the music too,