Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello, Thanks for stopping by!! Welcome March {already!...where does the time go!?}

Feb. 11th~~~Back time for beautiful SNOW :) We are getting even more than what we got Christmas Eve. Taking a break from working to take a few pics of the snow...not something we see alot of here~

The creek out our back gate:

Out in the back yard late last night~

I had a delightful box waiting on me when I got home the other day with this Adorable Rabbit waiting to hop out of the box! It was made by talented Jen at Jennifersdols, click her to name visit her shoppe. Aren't the rabbits shoes so cute with the jewels on them :) But to my **Surprise** Jen did make it, but it was a gift from my Super~Sweet friend Jayne!!! Thank YOU so much Jayne, you are soooo SWEET!!! Be sure to stop in for a visit at her Bunny Chic Boutique Blog! And visit Jaynes etsy & webiste too!

We will be out of town {further South working} from Monday {Feb.8th} until Wed. or Thurs {Feb. 10~11th}, but still should be able to check mail~
Gorgeous weather here, hope it's nice on yalls end too!
Trying to catch up and list New stuff, hopefully more tomorrow too....right now I need scotch tape to hold my eyes open, can't seem to go to bed before 2am trying to check a few things off the never ending "to~do" list :)

1860 Girls & Rabbit Papier set at my Etsy:

Sweet pincushion I added some things too~

This one is at my etsy: SOLD...Thank you Jayne :)

This boy kitty visits us everyday, don't think he has a home. Having had cats all my life, I had to take a double take when he first came around, as he has "thumbs" on his paws. My mom said we should name him "Fonzie"....seems fitting~ states:

"A polydactyl cat is a cat with a congenital physical anomaly, with more than usual number of toes on one or more of its paws.
The true polydactyly - commonly called mitten foot, mitten cat or thumb cat condition - is a congenital abnormality, genetically inherited as an autosomal dominant trait of the Pd gene with incomplete penetrance".


vivian said...

I had a kitty once that had 7 toes on each foot! I LOVE your banner and my daugther would too..I have to remember to show it to her!
have a great time where ever you are off too!

stacycakes said...

i adore fonzie...he is so sweet,and special! glad you found one another!

twinkleshabbystar said...

YAY!!! So glad you are taking a MUCH needed break! You need it girl! That's kinda sad you can barely keep your eyes open. HEE! HEE! Glad your having gorgeous weather.Please send some our way. It's damp and chilly here! Love your new Etsy listings! I always look forward to seeing your gorgeous handmade work and your digital as well!!! :)
Fonzie is soo cute!!! Im DYING over his toes! What a special kitty! Have a wonderful getaway! Big hugs!!! XOXO,Jenn
BTW....the Romantic homes ad looks FAB!!! I owe it ALL to you!!! ;)

Charlene said...

I LOVE MY NEW BANNER & I posted about it for my Silver Sunday post this week. Of course I told everyone that fabulous artist YOU did it. Thanks so much & take care of yourself this week. So sorry to hear about the hot water heater!!!! What a mess. That kind of thing is NO FUN! Don't work too hard. Glad "honey" is better. HUGS sweetie! Take care of you! Charlene

Diane said...

What a funny kitty, I guess he feels welcomed, he sure looks quite comfortable. Your projects look so pretty , I will have to check out your shop next. oxox, Diane

KeKe said...

I love the pincushion and the new banner!!

Have a great week Tiff~

Anonymous said...

lovely, i just added up lots of bran-new emo backgrounds in my blog

Anonymous said...

I have a Maine Coon cat with extra toes also! They look like boxing gloves, I could just eat them up. You can see her (Sophie) on my blog, Love your blog.

Kymberly Decker said...

Hello! This is something special that I made to let you know how much I have enjoyed coming by and visiting your blog and viewing all of your beautiful pictures, art work, and also the amazing banners that you make! You are a special person and such an inspiration to me!

Hugs, Kymberly

Down the Rabbit Hole said...


Beautiful photo's and gorgeous papier sets! Your cat is adorable! I have been having computer problems...finally crashed and now I am back up and running. Always a pleasure to visit your lovely blog!


Wren Cottage said...

forgot to say... the snow on your garden statues look so beautiful, the snow fell just right, love the lady with the snow roses and basket and the little guy by the birdbath, he's got a little snowcone hat, hehehe, too cute!!

Julie said...

Good morning, Tiffany! So glad I found your beautiful blog this morning! I'll be back to visit often to s ee what's going on in your lovely world. Hope you're having a great vacation!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Mitten foot ~ what a sweet description. He's a cutie. I just love kitty-cats :) Love your artwork. Beautiful pin cushion, too.

Hope you get a good rest,

Anonymous said...

One of my Maine Coon cats has the extra "thumb" on front paws too! It is so cute, her paws look like little boxing gloves. You can see her on my blog at Love your blog, beautiful objects, so calming.

Anonymous said...

My Maine Coon cat, Sophie, also has six toes in front! They look like little mittens and I could just eat them up, they are so adorable! Marcy