Monday, September 2, 2013

Home Decor, My kiddos, new Papier Art--*Lost Treasures* and Halloween Art ~~~~

I can't believe it is July, August and Now September, my Favorite time of year!    Where does the time go!    I am not ready for the heat, just zap's all my energy {plus two toddlers zap my energy as well}.....but the heat, My God the heat! :)   I actually made a few things at my Etsy, don't get make near as much as I would like, or spend near as much time on the computer as I would like, again, all due to those two dang toddlers! :)   They want so bad to help me with artwork  {I can't wait until they can cut paper!}....but for now they play in my bins of buttons and are just as happy doing so!    They are fantastic and such a blessing! :)

A little curtain I made using material I had {to recover a tattered chair}, couldn't really find a valance I liked, so just quickly whipped up my own.   I liked stuff tattered, torn and stained....nothing cutsie or bright white :)    I am not  great at sewing  {I can sew a button, taper clothes, make pillows}, but not to save my life, no measuring...I "eye~ball" most stuff! :)   I cut 2 long strips to make a ruffled edge, then sewed a black lace ribbon over the top of them.

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Charlene said...

They are darling helpers Momma! And I'm with you about this heat.... I'm OVER IT already & summer's just begun. Stay cool if you can

Lola Enchanted said...

Its all so beautiful Tiff.... And your little kiddos are amazing!!!

Val said...

Just knowing you have your kiddos makes my heart ache with happiness for you, even now, years later. :) And they are more beautiful every time you share photos. Just so sweet!

Your curtain valance is lovely too.

Best Wishes to Everyone in Your Sweet New Home, ♥ :)


Firuzan said...

how lovely & warm photos of your sweetheart -kids, dearest Tiffany.
ijust love all cute, happy picks and your darling girl outfits too :)
best wishes & lot of loves from Turkey..