Monday, September 2, 2013

Home Decor, My kiddos, new Papier Art--*Lost Treasures* and Halloween Art ~~~~

I can't believe it is July, August and Now September, my Favorite time of year!    Where does the time go!    I am not ready for the heat, just zap's all my energy {plus two toddlers zap my energy as well}.....but the heat, My God the heat! :)   I actually made a few things at my Etsy, don't get make near as much as I would like, or spend near as much time on the computer as I would like, again, all due to those two dang toddlers! :)   They want so bad to help me with artwork  {I can't wait until they can cut paper!}....but for now they play in my bins of buttons and are just as happy doing so!    They are fantastic and such a blessing! :)

A little curtain I made using material I had {to recover a tattered chair}, couldn't really find a valance I liked, so just quickly whipped up my own.   I liked stuff tattered, torn and stained....nothing cutsie or bright white :)    I am not  great at sewing  {I can sew a button, taper clothes, make pillows}, but not to save my life, no measuring...I "eye~ball" most stuff! :)   I cut 2 long strips to make a ruffled edge, then sewed a black lace ribbon over the top of them.

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